5 Easy Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning often presents a golden opportunity to regain control over your living space, yet for many, it can also become a source of stress.  Here are some tips to facilitate a swift and thorough cleaning session.


Plan your approach

To ensure your cleaning tasks get accomplished, it’s crucial to allocate dedicated time for them.  Reflect on the areas you need to address and plan when each task will be tackled.  Whether you opt for a room-by-room method or choose to start with one task in each room, setting specific dates (or a series of dates) to complete them is essential.


Do an inventory

Once you’ve carved out the necessary time, don’t let a shortage of cleaning supplies or tools derail your efforts.  Incorporate a moment in your schedule to assess your inventory of cleaning materials.  Replenish any depleted items, ensure your stash of rags is ample, and verify that your vacuum is in optimal condition.  Feeling prepared can serve as a motivating factor.


Turn it into a Celebration

Infuse enjoyment into your cleaning routine by incorporating activities that keep you engaged.  Whether playing upbeat music, initiating friendly competitions with family members to see who can accomplish the most, or planning a rewarding activity for when the cleaning is complete, such as ordering takeout or indulging in your favourite TV show, making it enjoyable can enhance motivation.


Exercise Smart Practices

As you declutter, remember to handle loose paper items like junk mail and old receipts responsibly.  Ensure anything containing personal information, such as your name, social insurance number, or address, is shredded before recycling.  Discarding intact pages can potentially expose sensitive details to identity thieves.  While a shredding machine offers convenience, you can use scissors or manually rip them if necessary.


Don’t Neglect Your Devices

Your digital devices warrant as much attention as your physical space during your cleaning endeavour.  Given the significant time spent on devices like your phone, tablet, and laptop, neglecting their security hygiene can leave you vulnerable to identity theft and hacking.  Purge unnecessary files and apps, install anti-virus and anti-malware software, and configure your devices for automatic updates.  Additionally, review and bolster your social media security and privacy settings to safeguard your online identity.

By integrating these five tips into your spring cleaning regimen, you’ll not only simplify the process but also guarantee a comprehensive and gratifying revitalization of your living area.

For additional details on cleaning and securing your devices, visit BMO’s Financial Crimes Unit at bmo.com/security.

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