Sept 2019 We bought here because we just love Georgian Bay.  Shirlene is very friendly, knowledgeable & helpful.  She was always quick to respond to phone calls/emails.  We were satisfied with the services and trades recommended by Shirlene.  We would definitely recommend Shirlene Johnston to friend’s and family.

Erin Ryan

As a first time homebuyer, I don’t know what was more daunting; the thought of taking on a mortgage payment or the actual process of finding a home that I loved and could see myself living in. While she understandably did not offer to help me with the mortgage payments, Shirlene made the process of finding a home go as smoothly as possible and made sure that I found the home fit for me, not stopping until we found it. That process ended up taking approximately 2 years, not exactly a realtor’s dream. Whether it was the 4th house we went through or the 25th, Shirlene never made me feel pressured to buy a house and whenever I would get discouraged would always remind me that we would find the one I was looking for. She was always able to answer my questions, or knew where to find the answers and also knew what sort of things in a house to look for and what to avoid getting myself into, something which was very valuable to me as a first time homebuyer. Right through to the offer process Shirlene made it evident she had my best interests in mind. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found the house fit for me and I couldn’t have done it without Shirlene! Would very much recommend her patience and expertise as a realtor to anyone searching for their next house or looking to list their current one.

Andrea Spinney

Now that we have returned from Ontario and the dust has settled on the sale of 57 Fred Dubie Road, we want to thank you for your guidance and work presenting our home for sale.  It was unfortunate, (in spite of the sale going so well), that all the administrivia required with different levels of government and the planning board, created ridiculous timelines and stress that were unnecessary considering we had started that process in September 2015. You made selling our home easy.  Your picture portfolio made us want two buy it all over again!

Dave and Marsha

Shirlene hasn’t made even a tiny fortune from representing me—I haven’t bought or sold real estate for 20 years—and yet, she has provided a degree of service I would have imagined to be reserved for special clients. Shirlene found tenants for a rental property for me. It was at a stressful time in my life, and she took the whole process off my hands for a small fee. She qualified the applicants, and I know she rejected some who were “not a good fit”. She handled everything down to the moment of signing the lease. She could not have found better longterm tenants for that place and situation, making the process stress-free. Recently, contemplating painting the exterior of my house, I casually asked Shirlene about popular house colours among buyers, or colours to avoid. When she said she’d get back to me, I could never have imagined that she was consulting a decorator. Shirlene arrived at my door, with colour chips fastened together, currently popular designer colours for houses and trim! She had sought professional advice to help me choose appropriate colours, and delivered it in person. I have spent half a lifetime teaching businesses how and why to deliver superlative customer service. Shirlene’s service would be a textbook example.

Marianne King-Wilson – Parry Sound