Affordable Housing Growth: Opportunities for Builders, Developers, and Homeowners in Muskoka

Are you a developer, builder, or homeowner with an interest in constructing new affordable housing units in Muskoka? To boost the availability of affordable housing, the District is providing funding opportunities through the Muskoka Affordable Housing Initiatives Program (MAHIP) to stimulate the development of affordable housing across the region. Explore details about the ongoing programs below.


Understanding the Muskoka Affordable Housing Initiatives Program (MAHIP):

MAHIP is a multi-year initiative tailored to benefit low and modest-income households. Through this program, the District extends financial support to eligible developers, builders, buyers, and landlords to facilitate the creation and provision of affordable housing in Muskoka.


2024 Capital Incentive Funding for Affordable Rental Units

Excitingly, the District is currently accepting applications for the 2024 Capital Incentive Funding dedicated to the construction of affordable rental units. Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the expansion of accessible and affordable housing in Muskoka. Learn more about the application process or submit your application below.


MAHIP Program Objectives

Aligned with the goals of the Muskoka Ten Year Housing and Homelessness Plan and adopting a “housing first” approach, MAHIP aims to:

  • Increase the supply of affordable housing and rental accommodations in the District of Muskoka by providing funding to Developers, Builders, and Landlords.

  • Offer funding for a range of housing options addressing affordable housing needs across the housing continuum.

  • Encourage and support project applications prioritizing outcomes such as appealing design, tenant participation, preferred locations, and more.

  • Provide support to individuals and families unable to afford current market rents through rent subsidies.


Funding for Rental Units – Capital Incentive Funding

MAHIP offers Capital Incentive Funding for developers, builders, and homeowners. Eligible applicants may receive financial assistance for the construction of rental housing. Funding amounts vary based on the affordability period.

  • Rental units must adhere to or be below the District Alternative Average Market Rent.

  • Rent limits are established for a specified duration, contingent on the funding amount and corresponding affordability period (refer to the table above).

  • This requirement applies to new construction or renovation/conversion projects where new units are added (e.g., converting a single home into two units or transforming a commercial property into housing).

  • Priority is granted to rental rates that encompass some or all utility costs.

  • The Capital Incentive Funding Agreement must be officially registered on the title for the relevant affordability period.

*This condition applies exclusively to Additional Residential Units.


Capital Incentive Program Application and How to Apply

To initiate the application process, kindly download and fill out the application form.

Submit the completed application form via email to af***************@mu*****.ca or by postal mail to:

            Affordable Housing Department

            The District Municipality of Muskoka

            70 Pine Street

            Bracebridge, ON P1L 1N3

For further details regarding Capital Incentive programs, feel free to reach out to the Affordable Housing Office at 705-645-2412 ext. 4410.


Landlord Rent Supplement Program

The Landlord Rent Supplement Program, available through MAHIP, enables landlords to enter into rent supplement agreements, receiving direct payments (average of $235 per unit per month) toward rental units. Click here to learn more: Landlord Rent Supplement Program

Development Charges: For land development or redevelopment projects, developers may be required to pay development charges. This applies to new constructions, additions, alterations, or changes of use in buildings. Get more information about development charges by clicking this link.


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