6 Tips to Ease Travel Stress Over the Holidays

Travelling during the holidays can be a challenging experience, from catching flights to navigating unfamiliar surroundings. For those dealing with chronic health conditions or autoimmune diseases like arthritis, the added pain, fatigue, and discomfort can exacerbate the stress. Consider these tips to help you prepare for holiday travel:

Choose the Right Footwear

Opt for shoes with a sturdy grip on the heel. Avoid shoes with overly wide or soft backs, as they can lead to instability and soreness. Look for footwear with excellent arch support or those compatible with orthotic inserts to prevent foot flattening, which can contribute to knee, hip, and back pain.


Opt for Convenient Bags

Carry a bag with an across-the-shoulder strap or a backpack instead of a handbag for a more comfortable experience. Suitcases, backpacks, or briefcases with wheels can significantly reduce the physical stress associated with handling luggage.


Ensure Comfortable Driving

When preparing your car for a trip or selecting a rental car, consider adjustable features like the steering wheel and seatback. Use a beaded or vinyl seat cover to facilitate getting in and out of the car, and look for additional features such as a swivel seat and wheel grips.


Keep Medications Accessible

Prioritize packing your medications by placing them in your carry-on luggage to avoid potential issues with lost checked luggage. When booking accommodations, inquire about having a mini-fridge in your room to store medications that require refrigeration.


Pack Healthy Snacks

Since you may not always have control over your meal options while travelling, pack a snack before embarking on your journey. Opt for fish, skinless poultry, and meatless proteins over red meat. Include vegetables, fruits, and whole grains when possible. Stay hydrated by carrying water and limiting alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks to reduce the risk of inflammation.


Stay Active

Combat joint soreness from long flights or drives by incorporating movement. Take short walks or engage in simple stretches. If your trip involves a significant amount of walking, schedule breaks, and consider bringing a mobility-assisting tool, such as a cane, to help you stay active.

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