Fire Extinguisher Mastery for a Safe Home this Holiday Season

Fire extinguishers are a reliable first line of defence against small fires when safeguarding your home.   Here are four tips from the fire safety company First Alert to help ensure a joyous and secure holiday season.

  1. Decorate with Caution:  Embracing the holiday tradition of decorating is lovely, but safety should remain a top priority.  Keep all Christmas trees, ribbons, garlands, and other flammable decorations at least one meter away from any indoor heating equipment.  When using candles, ensure they are safely positioned away from children and pets’ reach.  Always remember to turn off decorative lights before leaving the house or going to bed.

  2. Prepare Your Home:  The holiday season often involves elaborate dishes and extended hours in the kitchen.  Cooking equipment remains a leading cause of residential fires in Canada.  Prioritize safety by having a fire extinguisher accessible whenever you’re cooking. Place extinguishers on every level of your home, including common spaces like the kitchen, laundry room, and garage.   Choose devices designed to combat common household fires caused by wood products, grease, and electricity, such as the multi-purpose rechargeable home fire extinguisher from First Alert.

  3. Remember to PASS:  Using a fire extinguisher becomes straightforward if you recall the acronym PASS.  Pull the pin while pointing the nozzle away from yourself, release the locking mechanism, aim low (directing the extinguisher at the fire’s base), squeeze the lever slowly and evenly, and sweep the nozzle from side to side.

  4. Assess the Situation:  In a fire emergency, evaluate the situation before reaching for your extinguisher.  If the fire is small enough to manage, you can use the PASS technique to extinguish it.  However, if the fire is too large or uncontrollable, evacuate your home immediately and dial 911.

As the holiday season approaches, safeguarding your home takes center stage, and First Alert’s expert advice on fire extinguisher usage provides a comprehensive strategy for a secure celebration.  Homeowners can enhance safety during festive activities by incorporating simple yet crucial measures—such as mindful decorating, strategic placement of extinguishers, and the effective PASS technique.  The guidance to assess fire situations underscores the importance of a measured response. By embracing these tips, you protect your home and ensure a joyful and worry-free holiday season for you and your family.


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